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Five Powerful online tools

  • 1. Dynamic BLOG
  • 2. E-Commerce platform
  • 3. Your Business profiles
  • 4. Chats
  • 5. GPS window


Website Installation

Fill the form with your details, proceed to make payments and wait for an email comfirmation from eldycodes

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Learn From Google's Perspective

This is what Google has to say about going online! Watch and learn why you need online presence. EldyCodes is here to take your brand online

Take time and learn why going online is inevitale!

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3 Simple Steps

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Fill the Request form

Proceed to give us your brand name- (used as domain name), brief description, contacts, and your login pin. You will proceed to make payments

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Learn how to use your website

After installation, you will be given your login details and be guided on how to use your new online platform. Some of the self-help online resources here

Explore the 5 online tools
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Grow your Website

As the admin, you can upload and delete content as you desire. Manage your Blog, E-commerce shelf, events & announcements, GPS location and access to your local cloud markets. Request form

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  • How long does it take to get my website ready

  • Not more that 3 days for the installation. Requests for unique websites - other than our templates take A week before propagation

  • How much does the web bundle cost, everything inclusive?

  • The readymade templates are way cheaper. Current offers are at Ksh.5000/=. However, installation costs rates but they are a price advantage of over 60%

  • Do I get all the platforms : Blog, profile,e-commerce,chart?

  • Yes. The ready made templates is comprehensive with all these dynamic platforms

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  • What is the purpose of GPS on my platform

  • The platforms are built on a GPS layer. With locations details, all your blogs and e-commerce is visible on your local network. Visit your Local cloud network . Procure your websites to start taking advantage of the new GPS- powered online local markets

  • Do I get Admin previledges?

  • Yes. You get a lifetime admin previledges. Your secret login pin set from the Request form will give you website administrative previledges. You can access the website dashboard to make changes on your website anytime

  • What are the hosting and domain name costs

  • Do not worry. We will give your free hosting. Domain name costs are covered in the quotation. All you have to do is to fill the Request form .

  • What are the running costs

  • You only have to cover your annual hosting fees.

  • Do I get cpanel access?

  • No. EldyCodes reserves the access. However, you will have all the logins as a website administrator. You do not need cpanel access to manage your website. We will give your all required access.

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All you need to do

Proceed to the request form with
  • Your Brand Name
  • A brief description of your servises/purpose
  • Your contact details
  • Your Secret Pin (For Admin Login)


Online freelancing is carrying out tasks that other people don't have the time, inclination or skills to carry out themselves. If you have spare time and access to the internet at home or elsewhere then you can use your skills to make money freelancing online. With EldyCodes Freelancing, you get to sell and/or manage people's websites. You need to be fluent in manaing online stores in E-commerce, Respond to requests, manage blogs, update websites profile, GPS pin your client's websites and much more.

If you are interested in becoming a freelancer with us send your request to eldycodes@gmail.com. You will be tasked with finding new clients and managing the website on their behalf at a fee

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